Common Mistakes While Circulating Petitions

Joe Bozzi, Director of The Ohio Freedom Alliance and Board Member of The Ohio Liberty Council covers the most common mistakes that volunteers make when circulating petitions



Common Mistakes for Petition Circulators to Avoid

  • DO NOT take pages out of the petition packet
  • DO NOT un-staple your petition packet
  • DO NOT fill out information for the voter
  • DO NOT sign your own petition. As the petitions circulator you will only sign the “Statement of Circulator” on the last page. You can be a petition signer on someone elses petition.
  • DO NOT combine counties on a single petition packet.
  • DO fill out all required information on the last page
  • DO instruct the voter to write information legibly
  • DO make sure the signer is a registered voter in the county for your petition
  • DO make sure the voter fills out all required information
  • DO make sure the voter fills out accurate information to the best of your ability
  • DO Not Abbreviate.
  • Do Not have the voter Fill out Ward/Precinct box on the Petition unless they are 100% sure of the precinct they belong to. It is better for the box to be blank than filled out with the incorrect precinct/ward information.


After you reviewed the common mistakes test yourself by taking the

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