1.The  location is the key to success:

Your signing event must be in an ideal place where medical cannabis patients would likely benefit. Social settings that receive public funding (Free Clinics, Public Universities, and Library's) thereby give you the legal right to solicit signatures.

2.Next--your presentation:

Medical Cannabis is a 21st Century medical practice that should be respected as such:  1) A display case in which depicts cannabis as medicine; patients who will benefit should be shown using medical cannabis from smoking, eating, tinctures, and from a natural horticultural anesthesia's standpoint.  2) Medical terminology is important.  Refrain from using terms in your literature such as: "pot", getting high", or "stoned."  Instead, your material should reflect language such as: medication, therapeutic effect, dosage amounts and therapeutic monitoring.  

3. Next to your display case have the actual petitions, voter registration cards, and your display groups information.  We don't have time for invalid signatures, so if they want to sign but are not sure if they are registered voters of Ohio then have them fill out the registration cards right then and there.   You can turn them in with the signatures for counting).   

4. Testimonials with other supporting groups should be included in display and/or brochures (Veterans, mental health, HIV patients, cancer patients, and all with debilitating conditions).

5. Clinical Research Information.  

6.Take-home information. Give them something to let them feel their signature was important and they did a good thing for those in need.  

7. Bridge the generation gap. Young adults (18-24), Adults (25-31), Middle Age (32-44), Older Adults (45-60) Seniors (60+)

8. Don't be afraid to take chances. This is a one shot deal, don't go to bed at night knowing that you could have been more assertive and forthcoming.  

9. Diversity in science: let's let the public know that all Ohioans will benefit from the "new" tax base, job creation, and business opportunities of agribusiness.


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